ABA Training is More Than Memorization

The argument that ABA Therapy is simply a method of memorization rather than a true treatment for Autism has existed for many years, and yet ABA Training is the most successful, most popular, and most medically ordered treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder. The reason for this is that the argument is inherently false. While ABA Training relies heavily on teaching a child to produce a programmed response to a question, the reasoning goes far beyond memorization and into the scientific reasons why we memorize and the lessons that the brain picks up from these methods.

Typically, those that argue against ABA Therapy are parents who have never seen the results of the program or those who have only witnessed a few sessions, particularly when children do not react well to the sudden change of a new environment and react against the therapy. Studies show time and again that as students adjust to the routine of ABA and begin to participate in the therapy the nerves and pathways in their brains actually begin to rewire themselves. These new pathways make it possible for children who were once unable to communicate to speak fluently, express ideas and emotions, and to learn from the environment around them. For many children with ASD, none of this would be possible without ABA Training.

ABA Training uses simple exercises that involve repetition, memorization, and reinforcement to teach the basics of learning and behavior. By rewarding children for correct answers and ignoring inappropriate behavior altogether, children learn that inappropriate behavior does not garner attention and that they can have their needs met best by acting in a socially acceptable manner. With ABA Therapy, children literally learn to learn. What most children pick up from observing their peers and the people around them, children with an ASD must be specifically taught. While this can be hard for many to understand, children with ASD simply have to learn how to take in and process new information. ABA Training is designed to teach them just that.

ABA Training may look odd at a glance, and many parents find themselves wondering how it can work. After only a short time, however, results become remarkably evident as parents see their children hitting milestones they worried would never be reached. ABA Therapy is not a cure for Autism, but it is by far the most effective treatment. ABA offers children a chance to reach their maximum potential, giving them a chance to enjoy a like not unlike the lives of their closest peers.

Source by Garrett Butch

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