Aspergers Symptoms Are Treatable

Aspergers is a disorder that is very hard to diagnose because it has variable symptoms and no two people with this disorder act the same. To realize if your child has Aspergers is not an easy thing. However there are some symptoms you can try to observe. Aspergers treatment is only possible by managing the symptoms and because the symptoms are varied, every child with Aspergers must be treated according to their own symptoms.

Children with Aspergers have a normal cognitive and language development. The problems start when they interact with other children. People with Aspergers Syndrome have difficulties understanding the facial expressions of the others, they don’t like eye contact and they don’t understand metaphoric statements. They show no physical signs like children with Down syndrome.

Also no genetic reason or chemical imbalance is found for Aspergers Syndrome. This disorder is considered to be in autism spectrum. This means that it is a kind of autism, differentiating only by its severity or rather its lack of severity. Aspergers is on the high functioning end of autism spectrum. It has very similar characteristics like eye contact problem or repetitive behavior but these symptoms are less severe in children with Aspergers disorder.

There are extensive tests to be able to diagnose Aspergers Syndrome. Once these tests are conducted and a diagnosis is reached, it is very essential to let the child know about the disorder. Children with this disorder see the world from a different window. They are very capable to understand the behaviors of their peers. Because of their disorder they are generally isolated and they don’t like to be around people. However this does not mean that they don’t like people or they don’t want to have friends.

They like people and they would like to have friends but they can’t show their feelings and their facial expression usually make people think otherwise. They are extremely intelligent and have a tendency to learn excessive information about a single subject.

In an article published in the New York Times a diagnosis specialist writes if Sherlock Holmes was a real person he would probably be diagnosed with Aspergers Disorder. His loneliness, attention to detail and areas of interest can all be interpreted as Aspergers symptoms. When children with this disorder grow up, they usually become very successful people in the areas they choose. The hardest time they live is their childhood and adolescence. To give them the highest possible quality of life their parents must undertake the hard job of protecting them.

Aspergers is a difficult disorder to deal with. However if we compare it to other disorders like Dawn or autistic disorder, the people with Aspergers are more lucky. They can have a full, productive life. They can get married, have children and work in a normal environment.

When it is diagnosed early, Aspergers treatment shows more promise. Some symptoms can be alleviated more easily when they don’t turn into bad habits. Once the person with Aspergers understands the differences with other people and problems he can face everything becomes easier.

Source by Brenda Shapplin

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