Autism Apps to the Rescue

A new generation of electronic education aids, called “autism apps”, are proving to be useful for special needs children like those affected with autism spectrum disorder. These aids include apps like “Math on the Farm” and “Make Sentences” that are a new generation of gadgets designed to be much more than a recreation.

Autism app development is an emerging field and has immense potential to come up with new therapies for improving the health condition of autistic children. They are a much cheaper and more effective education aid than the cumbersome adaptive technology devices used earlier.

It’s estimated that at least one in every 68 children in the US are autistic. Elsewhere, like in Australia, autism has been diagnosed in more than one percent of the population and the numbers are increasing every year.

The prevalence of autism spectrum disorder widely varies across the world. The exact causes behind the disorder are unknown. But scientists believe that a combination of environmental, prenatal, and genetic factors contribute to the disorder.

Any reliable diagnosis for autism spectrum disorder must happen by the age of two. But in most cases, parents are usually late to realize that there’s something different in their children and often go into a denial mode when pointed out that their kid may be autistic.

Therapy options may vary once a child has been diagnosed of autism, which is largely based on symptoms and observing behavioral patterns. Appointments with a variety of health professionals like counselors, occupational, and speech therapists may be required. This is usually time consuming and very expensive.

Some studies suggest that behavioral intervention is the best for autistic kids and also the most effective. At least 20 hours of therapy should be provided each week for at least 12 months. But the charges for each session are at least $75 which is usually not affordable to the majority of the people. Besides, most behavioral therapists stay in big cities and options are limited for those living in small towns.

Autism apps can be used both at home and outside. They have a big potential to level the field by making the therapy options more accessible to children with autism. The autism apps like “Math on the Farm” and “Make Sentences” can provide a safe and structured environment where children can enjoy doing mathematics and brush up their sentence making skills. Autism Apps are increasingly finding favor among both teachers and parents.

Source by Kevin Carter

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