Preschool Graduation Ceremonies – Themes and Ideas

The Montessori system of education requires that students are treated as individuals from the inception of their education up to the end of their formal education. There is recognition that each will have their own needs and wants and barriers to achieving all they want to achieve. This article will specifically look at the Montessori system for pre-k education with a specific theme of how the preschool graduation ceremony can be used to celebrate the individuality of the student.

Initially you will need to ask the child what they want for their preschool graduation ceremony. Obviously they will want to have their friends with them and they may even invite specific members of the family to celebrate with the group. At the school itself, there will be other preschoolers who are graduating as well so it might be that the child will want to join them or go to their parties after the graduation ceremony. Asking a child what they want for the graduation ceremony is a great way of keeping them involved and making them feel that they own the graduation ceremony. Since the Montessori system accepts that individuality should be respected, it then falls on the community to ensure that the graduation ceremony is as individual to that as is possible in the give circumstances.

The family will have a role to play in terms of their culture and beliefs during the preschool graduation party. The aim of parents is to provide the best possible opportunities and start in life based on the belief systems that they hold. It is sometimes even instinctive that the graduate’s parents will try to include their own view of life onto the event. This is normal family life and it should not surprise the organizers that the parents may for instance want a religious theme party. Some families who come from ethnic minority backgrounds will want to have a theme that hacks back to their own traditions in the original homeland.

Above all, graduation parties are about enjoyment and celebration. The themes and ideas that are being used for the graduation must reflect this at every stage. It is no good creating a system of parties with military precision yet the people who are at the party are not enjoying themselves. The first duty is to let the people enjoy themselves. It is also important to remember that we are talking about toddlers and pre-school children which means that there is some limited scope for including adult themes. The preschool graduation party is about the children and the themes should be about children.

There are plenty of ideas to use as themes for pre-school graduation ceremonies under the Montessori education system. I looked at the themes of pirates, although this might offend the sensitivities of some parents. I also looked at the theme of snakes and ladders. Then for the religious minded parents, you can have a biblical story. For those that like the exotic, you might have a tropical safari type of theme. All these are just ideas that can be developed depending on the tastes and preferences of both the parents and the children at the time.

Source by Karly Potter

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