Importance of Mechanical Engineering Projects During Engineering

Yes, mechanical engineering projects during engineering are like foundationa for successful careers of the graduates. It’s important to work on these projects rather than simply purchasing some readymade ones.

Mechanical engineering is for sure one of the oldest branches of engineering. As is clear with the name, It is that branch of engineering which deals with machinery, both big and small. It includes different aspects of machinery including, designing, manufacturing and maintenance for various purposes. Being an important engineering branch which is incredibly diverse, it provides the engineering students with an opportunity to take up any number of projects, big or small.

You can find thousands of relevant topics published in various mechanical engineering books, magazine and journals. Apart from this, you can also find these topics published all over the web on different websites. As such, browsing through the web is emerging as a very productive way of finding interesting projects.


As many people would believe, mechanical engineering is far from just being manufacturing. There are several fields in this branch of engineering which can be highlighted.

1) Manufacturing: This field is vast. If you choose manufacturing, you get to work with machining, welding, soldering, assembly, metallurgy, etc.

2) Thermal sciences: Here, you are likely to work with thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and heat transfer.

3) Acoustics and vibrations: This field of mechanical engineering deals with propagation of mechanical waves through some medium.

4) Structural analysis and design: This field is to apply mechanics knowledge to analyze and design better and more efficient structures.

5) Mechanical design: In this field you are likely to work on the integration of several different systems, including robotics.

6) Metrology and instrumentation: This field deals with anything that deals with how to measure anything.

Now, note that you must not limit yourself to one field. Explore everything before zeroing down to one option.

A mechanical engineering project is very aptly a part of your overall course curriculum. You have marks and grades to be obtained for these projects. To secure good overall marks and grades, you must present your projects on the assigned date and time. The benefits of these projects go much beyond just the academics. These projects help you identify and bring out your aptitude to select a specialty and polish your skills.

To come up with a good project, start with concentrating on a particular area of your field and select a topic for your project. Scan engineering books and browse the web for a suitable topic. Brainstorming is very crucial to come up with an attractive and feasible idea for your projects.

As we all know mechanical engineering is one of famous course in engineering and every year thousands of students takes admission to be engineers. Students like this course because it’s really an interesting and they learn much from books and engineering forums and discussion on the websites. They can take online helps from other people. They just need to guide well and during engineering and it make easy to success. Every student should have to passionate for their course then he/she can be a good engineer.

Source by Jaivider Singh Bhandari

One Cause That Can Make an Autistic Child Obsessed With Death

Some autistic children have an obsession with death. They persistently ask questions concerning death, death experience, deadly illness, and suicide. This situation is quite alarming for parents, because they believe that the implications of these kinds of questions can be terrifying.

Parents, especially mothers, become powerless in front of their autistic child’s obsession with death and relentless questions. They endeavor several maneuvers to get their child to stop by ignoring him, scolding him, and trying to deflect his mind. But, these moves bring no change. In fact, these moves provoke the child even more and bring anxiety and stress in his mood.

Now, the questions are, why does an autistic child ask such questions? Why does he get so obsessed with death? And, what do parents need to do in this situation?

Well, there are many causes that can make your child obsessed with death. For example, nightmares, bullying, lack of self-esteem, floods of new information, and unpredictability. But, the most important cause is, “Change”.

Terrified of Change

Children who ask death related question, or who are obsessed with death, are mostly “Terrified of Change”. The idea of “Change” brings panic inside their bodies. They ‘think’ and ‘ask’ questions like, who will replace the grandma if she dies?

“When an autistic child feels that the interruption in the order and concordance of his world is going to occur, he feels anxiety. He doesn’t get how to deal with the upcoming situation and restrain the uniformity in his world. Consequently, he asks death related questions, again and again, in order to relax his anxious and stressful feelings.”

If your child asks you questions about death, then it often means he is afraid of change. He wants to know about the consequences which can appear after death.

What do most of the parents do when their autistic child asks them death related questions?

Well, they talk about a few things, time and time again. For example,

(a) Death is natural.

(b) Life is beautiful.

(c) Heaven & Hell.

However, these topics aren’t the precise answers for their child. These types of answers would be absolutely useless. Your child will begin to feel even more anxious and keep on asking the same sets of questions until you won’t give him a satisfactory answer, or relax his feelings.

In order to give your child satisfactory answers, and understand the causes of his obsession, first you need to look at your own family, your family’s conversations, and your family environment. Was there any change which your family experienced after the death of some loved one? Was there some intense conversations regarding death and its consequences?

Apart from this, in order to know the true source of his anxiety, notice his daily activities closely. Is there any movie which he/she watches again and again? Is there any death scene in his favorite movie? Has he seen any terrible change, or consequences, after the death of someone?

Once you understand the true source of his anxiety, you handle the situation easily. You see the world through his perspective and talk in his language. Your answers gradually water down his anxious feelings and make him feel that you are the best mother/father of this world who understands him completely.

You become his best friend, and your child starts loving you even more.

Now, what to do after discovering the actual source of his obsession with death?

Well, assure him that, “Nothing is going to change, all will stay the same.” This should be the main focus of your entire conversation. Tell him that there won’t be any terrible changes if someone dies. The environment will stay the same, predictability will stay alive, and the world will keep on moving with the same routine.

The more you keep his world predictable and same for him through your answers, the more you water down his obsessive feelings regarding death, and the more you connect with him on an emotional level.

Source by Isaac E. Smith

What Is the Role of Item Response Theory in GAMSAT?

GAMSAT is a standardized exam. The exam pattern is completely different. It is the toughest medical entrance and observes the intellectual skills of candidate. There is no structured material to study GAMSAT. The syllabus and the method are unique for GAMSAT. Even the score calculation is a complicated process.

Students tend to calculate their scores after the exam out of curiosity. In GAMSAT, it cannot be done. The scoring process has been kept confidential by ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research). Nobody knows how the GAMSAT score is being calculated except few people in ACER. It is believed that Item response theory is being used to scale the performance. Still there are unexplored myths in GAMSAT score calculation.

I was curious to know more about GAMSAT score calculation. I researched and collected some information. I would like to share that information. The result says that Item Response Theory (IRT) is being used in calculating the score.

What is IRT?

Item Response Theory is also known as latent trait theory or strong true score theory or modern mental test theory. It is the preferred method for the development of the high-stakes tests such as college entrance examination or medical entrance etc.

It is the study of test and item scores based on assumptions concerning the mathematical relationship between abilities and item responses. It is the advanced form of Classical test theory.

IRT provides more sophisticated information about the response of the item.

Score calculation using IRT:

I would not say that the below are the exact GAMSAT score calculating method. I have tried depicting on my own with the information gathered. Also I know, there is no restriction for guessing games.

Researchers are expecting that Item response theory (IRT) will be used in calculating the score. IRT scoring requires complex estimation procedure. It is very difficult to understand the calculation.

Item Response Theory means focusing on the response of the Item. Using this theory the questions in each section will be evaluated separately. This evaluation will be done based on the difficulty of the question and the response of the candidate.

The IRT curve will be created by modeling the response of the candidate. It measures the given ability to each Item in the test. So the score will be calculated based on the performance of each candidate.

IRT is based on the probability of a correct or keyed response to an item. It is a mathematical function of person and item parameters. This person parameter is called “Latent trait”.

In GAMSAT, each question will be standardized as per its difficulty level. Candidate’s scores are also calibrated on that same difficulty level scale. Then these scores will be scaled into GAMSAT scale of 0 to 10 for each three sections separately.

Initially GAMSAT score will be calculated for each section using the below formula:

GAMSAT section score = (Estimate in logits + 5) X 10

“Logits” is the unit used for calculation in IRT method

The overall GAMSAT score is calculated using the below formula:

Overall Score = (1 x Section I + 1 x Section II + 2 x Section III) / 4

Most of us know the above formula. It is the only formula revealed to us but there are many steps of calculation taken place behind the screen.

IRT is considering the performance of the candidates and the difficulty of the questions. It is the critical method followed to evaluate the GAMSAT scores.

Let us not depend on the calculation. It is good to rely on your preparation. It is important to spend more time on revising previous question papers. I would like to share the benefits of GAMSAT practice tests. It would help you to perform well in your exam.

Source by Mary Anita