About Us

About the Autism Club

Glad you found us! We are the Autism Club. On our blog we will share stories about us, things we have done, been through, the bad days and the good. We will also offer information about other useful websites with links plus we will offer freebies like printables that may make life a little more easier for you and your loved one with Autism. We are still designing Tshirts and other Autism Awareness items and you can still find our store at cafepress.com/autismclub.
The Autism Club originally launched back in 200 first as a website with information for other parents new to the Spectrum. Then along with a community Forum of more than 300 Australian members before finding its way to Cafepress to share our designs for Autism Awareness.

About the Editor

Being a part of The Autism Club combines a few of the most significant roles of my life so far: mum, carer and designer. Before I became a Mum, no wait, before I even thought about being a Mum, back in the stone ages of the 90’s, I spent my “spare time”, drawing, designing and creating! I also was pretty handy with the old PC and eventually combined the two to enjoy graphic design. Then along came love and then children and then Autism! I have two deliciously handsome,incredibly beautiful, polite,well mannered,talented,gentle boys who have Autism. They are my “chalk and cheese” kids because whilst they share the label and are equally so strikingly beautiful and such great kids that is where the similarities end. Their “Autisms” are very different! They join me in presenting the club, because in some way or other, they have played a role and have contributed a lot more than they may ever understand or know 😉