The Best Education Apps for Androids

Android is a new and innovative OS, which is packed with lots of wonderful apps to use. For educational purposes, the android has lots of selections of apps.

The first application that we want to introduce is the RealCalc Scientific Calculator. This amazing app lets users calculate lots of equations and scientific calculations in modes such as bin/octal/dec and more. This app can also be used as a unit converter, allowing users to convert different units with one app. Looking for trigonometric functions? This app also supports even in rads and grads. Overall, this app is a must have for students or those who need a professional scientific calculator for everyday use.

Have you ever heard of Wolfram Alpha, a Wikipedia version for science? This app can be downloaded from Google Play Market, it lets users find the answer for many questions from physics, math’s and even music. All the answers are trustworthy and will only display useful information. This is a recommendation for any teachers or students.

Looking for a Mind map app for the android system? The Thinking Space app is the rightful choice that lets users specify an effective thinking solution with a mind map. All the traditional features are kept with this app, such as note taking.

As we have gone through Wolfram Alpha, a Wikipedia version for science, we would like to recommend the WikiDroid, an app that lets users download articles from Wikipedia directly to android devices. This app is needed for those who have to look up Wikipedia occasionally or for those who want a professional app to look up information in Wikipedia.

If you need an English teacher to guide you with grammar, you may want Grammar, an android app that has useful information about English grammar such as general rules, words, misspelling, etc…

If you are a chemistry specialist or a student, who is learning chemistry, or you just simply love chemistry, give Chemistry, an android app a try. This app will point out lots of information about elements, compounds with simple user interface that allows you to learn how to use this program in such a short time.

Besides these wonderful programs for education, you may also want to download eBook reader apps, such as Kindle. There are also lots of apps about subjects such as math’s, literature, history and more. To download these apps, just log in with your Google Account on Google Play Market and download. Some apps may require you to pay a small fee, but they are worth the money.

The educational apps for androids keep increasing every day. Be sure to check the Education Category in order to know more about what apps have just been released and what are currently popular on demand. Before purchasing or downloading any app, be sure to check the user reviews as well as comments to know which app is the best to download. There are also some websites about android apps, which will have lots of useful reviews about apps to buy and apps to download for Android devices.

Source by Muhammad Ali Butt

Improving Team Communications

There are plenty of benefits to teamwork in any type of business setting. It allows the strengths of many to offset the weaknesses of people. It allows the best ideas to be focused on and problems to be resolved. When you have a group working together, they can benefit from employee communication apps.

What are They?

If you aren’t familiar with the concept, employee communication apps make it possible for everyone in a given group to be able to share information. A single message can go out everyone on the team and not sending them individually. As a group, they can talk and interact no matter where they happen to be.

It is difficult to schedule meetings where everyone can attend due to differences in schedules. With employee communication apps, this barrier is reduced and more information can be shared. The overall participation increases too because everyone involved feels like they are part of the decisions being made.


Not all employee communication apps are the same though. Look for one that has plenty of automated features. This allows your team to conveniently schedule on the calendar and other needs without difficulty. It keeps everyone on track and can be beneficial. It cuts down on miscommunication and anything falling through the cracks.

Links and Files

Not all the apps out there work well with sending and receiving links or files. It is important you use employee communication apps that make it simple to attach and open such information. With the technology we have today, it is quite common to share links and files with other employees you are teamed up with. Don’t let this become a barrier that reduces communication.


Depending on the nature of the work you offer, it may be necessary for the groups to have passwords in place. They will need to login with their password credentials to send or access information within the team. This is highly recommended as it helps to keep the integrity of what is shared and who it is being shared with.


Your business doesn’t function like others, even those in the same niche. The ability to customise the features for your business and even for particular projects is very encouraging. This ability allows you to really get the most efficiency from such an app. Look for one that has plenty of features, add ons and customised features you can benefit from.

Easy to Use

Explore how simple it is to use a given tool before you carry out it. Don’t discourage them with employee communication apps that don’t function well or they are difficult to use. The reason you are offering them this is to make things easier. Do your homework and try them out before you make them part of what is available to your employees.

It may be useful to let your employees help test them and decide what they like best. You can create a pros and cons list for different apps. You aren’t going to find one they all like the same but you can find one that stands out and delivers what is needed and also simple to use.


While everything should move along smoothly, that isn’t always how technology works out. Make sure you will have access to free customer support any time of the day or night if you need it. Otherwise, you are taking a huge risk with a given app that it is going to work all the time like it should.

Being able to ask questions and to gain help as soon as you need it is very important. It ensures your business groups are able to continue with their needs without any delays or problems getting in the way. Once you add such a communication method, you may start to wonder how your business every thrived without it!

Source by John Power

How Educational Apps Are Helping Children With Autism

At Emma Cooper’s home in downtown Denver, emotional and social learning is a much discussed issue. Emma’s six-year old son Alec, who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder when he was two, can’t always pick up social cues naturally. Emma was always on the lookout for creative ways to help her son enhance his social skills. Since Alec loved to fiddle with his mother’s iPad, Emma was pleased to download the “Math on the Farm” and Make Sentences” autism educational apps for her son.

But before she could allow Alec use the two apps, Emma herself sat down to check the content of the two autism apps for his son. She found that the content was just perfect for him. Both the apps were fun to play with. The navigation buttons were a little tricky to use at the beginning. But as soon Alec got accustomed to them, the rest was pretty much easy. It has been a smooth sailing ever since.

Emma loved the two autism education apps because they kept Alec engaged and also encouraged discussion. For instance, users can input their names and record sounds. This could be a happy or a sad sound. You may really get silly if you want, like Alec, who loves to record robot-like sounds.

The design of “Math on the Farm” and Make Sentences” autism educational apps is clean. None of the apps are over-stimulating. The sound effects and music is far from annoying. You can turn them off easily. The stories in the autism apps, like in real life, give multiple choices to the user to resolve social situations, and don’t give just a single solution, irrespective of the circumstances.

The “Math on the Farm” and Make Sentences” autism educational apps have been designed in a way to help autistic children in elementary school to understand social expectations.

The developers behind these two apps had interacted with the parents of children having autism to understand what the kids really want. They also spoke to parents of children diagnosed with high-functioning autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In fact, the apps reinforce the old adage: “necessity is the mother of invention.”

The most important part of these two apps is that they encourage critical thinking and imparts valuable skills. In fact, the “Math on the Farm” and Make Sentences” autism educational apps have almost become a trendsetter, with many companies coming up with similar products.

Source by Kevin Carter

Difficulties in Education for Autistic Children

Many children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or Asperger’s syndrome, are often pulled out by their parents from mainstream education. This is because autistic children find the transition from primary to secondary school difficult to adjust. Parents say that primary school is better suited to their children because of the one-classroom-one-teacher method of teaching. But secondary schools are usually huge with an environment that’s overwhelming for autistic children who find it difficult to cope with classroom changes and numerous teachers.

Majority of the children having autism spectrum disorder are paranoid about going to school. They cry, cling to their parents, run away, fall ill, and are labeled as “school refuse”. Some children remain tensed throughout the school-day, and often “explode” after returning home. According to some parents, the distress their children experience is so severe that many of them threaten suicide.

In most cases, the difficulties of autistic children with their school are related to sensory issues like fear and anxiety. They feel overwhelmed in noisy corridors and can’t cope with large groups of children in school. Many others find it difficult to locate their classroom or turn up with the right equipment.

The pastoral support available in schools can be of great help to autistic children. Special needs coordinators help such children to get organized.

Many parents complain that their children are subject to bullying. That, in fact, is one of the most important reasons why parents pull out their children from regular school. Children with autism spectrum disorder are often singled out because they are deemed different from others. The larger section of people don’t like those who are not, as it’s said, normal. They become frightened and an invisible barrier is raised almost immediately. Autistic children are particularly vulnerable during the lunch time where there’s no support worker around.

Some parents said that their children were bullied because they were over-sensitive to injustice. Some said that even teachers, who had no idea about autism spectrum disorder, bullied children. Autistic children are bullied even in colleges and universities, as studies have found out.

Most parents rue the lack of awareness among people as one of the main causes of the society being insensitive to autistic children. People must understand that the likes and dislikes of such children are not like any neuro-typical person. Children with autism are more sensitive to the world around them and people have to be more responsive to their needs.

Source by Kevin Carter

Autism – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by problems with social interactions, impaired verbal and non-verbal communication and a pattern of repetitive behavior with narrow, restricted interests. Boys are more likely than girls to have autism. Though the exact cause for autism is unknown, genetics plays an important role, and environmental, immunological and metabolic factors may have a contributory role.

Behavioral therapy, coupled with specific education, and periodical assessment by a multi-disciplinary team, form the mainstay in the management of children with autism. Additional Ayurvedic herbal treatment can be given to reduce troublesome symptoms and improve cognition. Herbal medicines can be given safely for long periods even to children, and therefore, this therapy is specially beneficial for children with autism.

The brain tissue can be treated by correcting the metabolism of the “Majja” dhatu in the body. Medicines useful in this condition are: Pancha-Tikta-Ghruta Guggulu, Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) and Musta (Cyperus rotundus).

In addition, Ayurveda mentions a category of medicines known as “Medhya”, which improve the working capacity of the brain. This category includes medicines like Mandukparni (Centella asiatica), Yashtimadhuk (Glycerrhiza glabra), Guduchi, Padma (Nelumbo nucifera), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Vacha (Acorus calamus) and Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis).

Normally, a combination of several medicines is used in the treatment and management of autism. In addition to the two categories of medicines mentioned above, other medicines like Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) and Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) are also used routinely. Autistic children usually require a high dose of herbal medicines to get good results.

In addition to oral treatment, autistic children benefit from massage treatment all over the body using medicated oils like Chandan-Bala-Laxadi oil and Mahanarayan oil. Ayurvedic Panchkarma procedures like “Shirodhara” and “Nasya” are beneficial for the problems related to autism, but may be more suitable for older children and adults.

Treatment has to be tailor-made for each child according to the severity and presentation of symptoms. In addition, different children may respond differently to the herbal medicines. Parents should avoid the temptation to treat their children on their own.

Source by Abdulmubeen Mundewadi

Autism & Sulfur Sensitivity – Part 2

A Biomedical Autism Intervention Doctor Explains:


A sulfite sensitivity does not constitute an automatic allergy to sulfa drugs and vice versa. Many people with asthma who have obvious reactions to sulfites can many times have some in small amounts and suffer no adverse reactions. A sensitivity reaction to sulfites is not a true allergy like a sulfa drug allergy, and so allergy testing for sulfites in unreliable.


Sulfates are chemical compounds with sulfur surrounded by oxygen atoms. It is a derivative of sulfuric acid and can complex with various minerals in the body to form stable compounds such as magnesium sulfate found in Epsom Salt (which is used as a laxative or a muscle soothing aid in bathwater). Some people can have sulfate sensitivity, but it is questionable whether this is truly an immune reaction to the sulfate or an immune reaction to chemical compounds attached to sulfate. More commonly, a sulfate sensitivity is a biochemical reaction from other sources, and have nothing to do with an allergy. This leads us in the next discussion – sulfur supplement sensitivity.


Sulfur sensitivity can occur when too much homocysteine is pushed through the trans-sulfuration pathway creating an abundance of sulfur compounds. This is particularly a problem if an enzyme called CBS is up-regulated creating an increased production of sulfur byproducts. These byproducts can contribute to the overproduction of ammonia. Ammonia can lead to irritability, hand-flapping, stimming behavior, language problems and other chemical imbalances in individuals on the autism-spectrum. Other chemical systems in the body become stressed leading to a further difficulty in eradicating ammonia. Genetic mutations in the CBS and MTHFR complexes make this problem worst.


Finally, an enzyme called SUOX (sulfite oxidase) in a deficiency state will effect sulfate regulation which effects glutathione production, as well as sulfates for other proteins in the body that support protein structure. Glutathione is our bodies’ most potent antioxidant and supports cellular detoxification. There is a genetic disorder that leads to severe brain damage and death with the SUOX enzyme deficiency, but it is likely possible that sub-clinical stressors in this enzyme could adversely affect some children on the autism-spectrum, while not causing a disease process.


The likely scenario is if children are having difficulty with sulfur containing supplements (i.e. taurine, Epsom salt, MSM, methionine) that a genetic mutation pattern has occurred in the CBS and MTHFR genes, and has nothing to do with a sulfur allergy – which we know is a misnomer.  

Source by Dr. Kurt Woeller