Unraveling the Right Way to Set Up an App Store Optimization Plan

App marketing is an ongoing process and in recent times, the task does not complete just by developing a good mobile application. Marketers often face the dilemma while planning an effective app marketing strategy. There are two different areas where they need to promote it which, include both the Internet and the App Store.

They use a typical bag full of conversion rate optimization, SEO and content marketing techniques for promoting it on the web and the concept of App Store Optimization (ASO) in the App Store. However, not all practices are effective enough and help entrepreneurs to enjoy an increasing number of downloads. Thus, here are some of the tips to consider for developing a winning marketing strategy which, ensure a steady flow of traffic and downloads.

Top Ranking Factors that Determine the Search Process
With the aim of securing 'holistic rankings', it is ideal to create an app store listing which, can offer the best ranking on the App Store. Noting down the most important ranking factors will help you to develop an effective listing of factors.

Keywords used in the title and descriptions
While placing the keyword in the title, it is necessary to convey your app's name and subject properly in it. Finding keywords for it is similar to finding the right set of keywords for your website. There are three significant factors to consider while preparing the list of keywords which, include:

  • High relevancy
  • Low level of competition
  • High volume of searches

Having a unique icon
While going through the endless list of apps, your app's icon is the first thing that tickles their minds and thus, it is important to make it attractive. Ideal size and color schemes are some of the factors to consider while developing the icon. Moreover, specifications of the mobile platforms, target audience, configuration of similar kind of apps prevailing in the market are some crucial elements to eye on before developing the icon.

Localizing the listing
While focusing on global marketing, keep in mind that 'one-size-fits-all' is not the right choice. To reach beyond the English-speaking world, it is important to adapt your language and brand communication as per the audience segment. By localizing your app, you can increase its adoption and conversion rates, thereby generating more revenue.

With these aforesaid tips and fair understanding about the ranking algorithms of the app store, you are on your way to a winning marketing strategy. Manage it well with professionalized support and your investment will surely pay you off in the longer run.

Source by Rob Stephen

Here’s Why You Should Never Underestimate Play in Preschool

Many parents send their children to school even at a young age. They believe that the earlier their children attend school, the better it would be for them. There are some parents, however, who are hesitant to send their kids to preschool. They think that their children are too small or young for it. While it is true that kids largely depend on their parents, a high-quality preschool serves as a strong foundation for them to learn academically, emotionally, and socially for their future success.

Parents usually worry about their children’s performance at school – on how they are going to handle assignments and answer their teacher’s questions. This should not be the case though, for preschool involves activities that enable children to learn while playing. Forget about the idea that preschool is rigorous, because in reality, it is playful. And here are some good reasons why your child should go to preschool and how important play is.

It is well-settled that, by nature, children are playful. This is the main reason why play is a main activity for preschoolers. There are different types of play that your child may experience, namely creative, dramatic, manipulative, and physical.

  1. Creative. It takes place when kids use art materials like clay, pencil, paint, etc., to form or draw a certain thing using their imagination.

  2. Dramatic. Students are given specific characters and they will act out and take on the roles of adults, animals, and the like. This enhances their social skills as they need to interact with others.

  3. Manipulative. Kids love playing with toys, whether small or big. Doing this allows them to control on how to hold and handle them.

  4. Physical. Play in preschool helps children to become healthier. Doing sports games, such as basketball, relay race, or mini-obstacle course seems as if they are performing exercises. Also, it helps them to grow strong, joyful, and stress-free.

The value of play, therefore, should never be underestimated. It provides benefits that can be really helpful to your children as they grow and study further. For instance, children learn best when they are physically engaged. Imagine your child playing basketball or any other physical sports with his classmates. He will push himself to win and even start building motor skills. This goes the same when your kid participates in a dramatic or cooperative play. His language and vocabulary abilities are improved. As the teacher gives students instructions on what to say and how to act, the latter begin communicating on their own and express their thoughts and emotions.

Another major advantage of play is self-confidence. Your child starts to feel confident about what he is doing when his teacher acknowledges him for his accomplishment, no matter how big or small it is.

Play in preschool promotes social and emotional development. If you want to prepare your child for the future, the best way to do that is to send him to school, be it local or international preschool.

Source by Shine Manson

Needs: Is It Better To Be Selfless Than To Be Selfish?

While there are certain behaviours that are seen as being good, there are others that are seen as being bad. When it comes it comes to the former, it can relate to having manners, being friendly and helping others.

Through being this way, one is likely to find that most people will respond in a positive way to them. During the moments when this is not the case, there will be no reason for them to take it personally.

The Other Side

And when it comes to the latter, it can relate to the opposite of what was mentioned above; so not having manners, being unfriendly and not helping others. One is likely to find that if they were to behave in this way, it would cause other people to respond in a negative way.

It could be said that the difference is not going to be much of a surprise, and this is because people generally want to be treated well. Therefore, the best way for them to get other people to respond in a positive manner will be to behave in this way.

Back To Reality

If one was to look at how they behave in their day-to-day life, they may find that this is what takes place. They may see that they spend a lot of time being there for others, and very little time being there for themselves.

As a result of this, they will live a life that is based around doing everything they can to meet other people’s needs. One way of looking at this would be to say that one is living their life in the right way.

All Areas

There will then be what they do for the people they don’t know, and what they do for the people in their life. If someone needs their assistance, it might not matter if they know them very well.

When it comes to the people in their life, one could do what they can to make sure they are always available to meet their needs. And if they are unable to be there for someone, they could end up feeling incredibly guilty.

This Area

If they are in a relationship, they may spend as lot of time doing what they can for this person. One could believe that it is down to them to meet his person needs, and they might not expect anything from them.

Now, the person they are with could appreciate what they are doing, or they could simply take it for granted. This could be how the other person is usually treated when they are in a relationship.

Helping Out

And it might not matter what their friends or family need help with, as they could be only too happy to help them. They could end up lending them money, taking them to different places, and doing work for them.

Once this has taken place, they could offer them something in return, or they might not feel the need to do anything. But if one has been this way for such a long time, it is not going to be a surprise for these people to see one’s behaviour as being normal.


Through having the tendency to ignore their own needs, one could find they often feel as though they are running on empty. As even though they give a lot to other people, they are not going to get a lot back.

They might be doing well in their career, or this could be another area of their life that is not given the attention it needs. But even if this is how one experiences life, it doesn’t mean that they will change their behaviour.

The Alternative

One might believe that they only have two choices: either to focus on other people’s needs and to be selfless, or to focus on their own and to be selfish. Therefore, even though they will be ignoring their own needs, it will be better than to be like the people who only focus on their own needs.

There is also the chance that one is generally disconnected from their own needs, and this is then going to stop them from even thinking about them on a regular basis. In fact, at a deeper level, they might believe that they don’t deserve to have them met.

Positive Feedback

And although their needs will generally be overlooked, they will probably be used to receiving approval. There may have been moments when others have told them how good they are and that they are an example to others.

If, on the other hand, one only thought about themselves, this is not something that is going to occur. One would probably be used to having people criticise them, and a lot of people would be repelled by them.

In The middle

The trouble with being selfless is that it will cause one to overlook their own needs, and this is going to cause them to suffer. This is not to say that one will always be in touch with this pain, as they could do what they can to deny how they feel.

Ultimately, human beings have needs and, if they are not able to meet these needs, there will be consequences. Fortunately, being selfish or selfless are not the only options; one can be there for others and they can be there for themselves.


And through being able to meet their own needs, it will allow them to truly be there for others. They won’t need to run on empty and this will give them the energy to have a positive effect on others.

When one always focuses on other people’s needs, it can show that they feel ashamed of their own needs. It is then not that they don’t have needs; it is that they focus on others needs in order to receive approval; with the hope that this will indirectly allow them to fulfil their own needs.


The kind of relationship one has with their own needs is often the result of what took place when they were younger. If they were brought up by people who ignored their needs and one was used them to fulfil their needs, it would have caused them to believe that their needs were not important.

If one can relate to this, and they want to feel comfortable with their needs, it might be necessary for them to work with a therapist. This will give them the chance to look into what took place and to move forward.

Source by Oliver JR Cooper

4 Ways Cloud Staffing Software Saves Your Time, Money, & Placements

Cloud computing has transformed the way business is done. At least 95% of enterprises are using some form of cloud services, whether they are cloud platforms, storage, applications, or a combination. For those companies in the staffing industry, cloud staffing software needs to be part of that equation. The value provided in greater security, mobility, performance, and scalability offer comprehensive value to staffing firms using their staffing software to the fullest.

Here are some of the most advantageous benefits of using cloud staffing software compared to full-on enterprise software.

1.) Higher Level Disaster Recovery & Security

Keeping staffing data secure can be a pricey process. Backups, secure hardware, trained IT security professionals, and other security measures escalate costs faster than you can say “data breach,” especially as cyber threats continue to multiply at an alarming rate. Last year’s worrisome increase in ransomware (which cost worldwide businesses $1 billion in ransom payouts) makes a strong security and disaster recovery response all the more important to staffing firms.

The right cloud staffing software should contribute to both your security and disaster recovery options. Your software should be implementing and encouraging your employees to use as many IT security best practices as possible. Some staffing software requires users to build complex passwords from a combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers, and special characters before they get approval. Additionally, you need to know that your staffing software partner is using a team of Systems Engineers who prioritize thorough work and security best practices to deny hackers back door access in the first place.

Your staffing software should use a Tier 4 data center which offers some of the highest uptime and security options of any hosting environment. For a data center to receive this level of accreditation, there needs to be a fault-tolerant site infrastructure which, through electrical power storage and dedicated distribution facilities, offers an expected 99.995% availability. That way, in the event of an outage or even data being held for ransom locally, your cloud software can simply restore your system to the last saved server copy.

2.) Greater Mobility When Recruiters Need It Most

The current state of the market makes every placement a competition to see which staffing firm is fastest on the reflexes. Recruiters and sales teams that are tethered to their desks are at a serious disadvantage. Especially when the competition is able to update their CRM and swiftly contact clients and candidates on-the-go.

By using the right cloud staffing software, staffing firms upgrade their ability to quickly move on placements. Recruiters with the ability to contact candidates any time from any place expand their ability to close placements when candidates are actually available. Plus, it improves the ability of your team to make site visits and still manage multiple candidates at once. The ability available through top cloud staffing software to access the full features of their software really makes a difference when compared to mobile apps that are an afterthought.

3.) Software Upgrades That Don’t Interrupt Business

Old school enterprise software had a serious shortcoming when it came to updates and scalability. When new features were added, staffing agencies would either need to do a comprehensive system update or upgrade their package with the vendor. When it came time for the upgrade, access to vital information for sales and recruiting teams would be put on pause while you downloaded the expanded software package. In an industry where a few hours can lose high demand talent, any delay is unacceptable.

Cloud staffing software, as service oriented software, rarely has the monumental changes that derail operations with each upgrade. New features and patches are added incrementally and the changes are made on the software provider’s servers, preventing the major lag on your internal systems.

4.) Cutting Out Server Related Expenses

On-site servers for your staffing data are a huge financial drain. They take up unnecessary physical space that adds to property rental costs, elevate electricity expenses, demand an investment in hardware that is difficult to resell, and require on-site technicians to monitor, support, and fix. Unless you are in the data center business, it’s secondary expenses that cost way more than it is worth. Especially when a cost effective option like cloud staffing software exists.

With cloud options, staffing firms are able to scale their business to meet the current storage demands. Your staffing software provider only has you paying for the amount of storage space you actually use, meaning there are no extraneous costs for unused chunks of hard drive space. Additionally, the cloud software provider can spread the cost of their data center across the full range of their clients, considerably decreasing the cost per file.

Getting the Best Cloud Staffing Software for Your Buck

Now that cloud software has gone mainstream, staffing firms have a multitude of options to ensure they have selected the tool that will save them the most time, money, and placements.

Source by Terri Roeslmeier

3 Reasons Why Flu Vaccinations Are Useless And How To Prevent The Flu Naturally

The U.S Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a yearly flu vaccine as “the first and most important step in protecting against flu viruses.” This advice applies to everyone 6 months of age and older, CDC stressing that you “should get a flu vaccine as soon as [they] are available.”

With such promotion of the vaccine, it’s easy to fool yourself thinking that the vaccine will protect you from all flu-like illnesses this year. Unfortunately, this is not true. A new study has exposed that “60% effective” flu shot as 98.5% useless.

Below are 3 reasons why flu vaccines are both useless and harmful:

1. Flu Vaccines Will Not Protect You From Flu

Every year the CDC recommends flu vaccine manufacturers to put in three viral strains they guess might be the most common infections for the flu season. However, there are thousands of flu virus possibilities every winter you may come in contact with. If the flu shot you received do not contain the viral strains you come in contact with, essentially you have no more immunity over it then others who may not have received the jab. This makes the chances of you being protected very unlikely. A new study in The Lancet Infectious Diseases reveals that the flu vaccine prevents lab confirmed type A or type B influenza in only 1.5 out of every 100 vaccinated adults, but the media reports it to be “60 percent effective!”

The researchers’ own conclusion are as follows:

“Influenza vaccines can provide moderate protection against virologically confirmed influenza, but such protection is greatly reduced or absent in some seasons. Evidence for protection in adults aged 65 years or older is lacking.”

2. Flu Shot Contains Neurotoxic Mercury

The culprit for this toxicity is Thimerosal, a common additive and preservative that contains mercury. There are no proven safe amounts of mercury in the human body and yet even vaccines that label themselves as “mercury-free” may contain traces of mercury up to 300ppb. To put things in perspective, anything over 200 ppb is considered toxic. There are many proven ill effects of mercury on the human body. The WHO writes:

  • Mercury is considered by WHO as one of the top ten chemicals or groups of chemicals of major public health concern.
  • Mercury may have toxic effects on the nervous, digestive, and immune systems, and on lungs, kidneys, skin and eyes.
  • Exposure to mercury – even small amounts – may cause serious health problems, and is a threat to the development of the child in utero and early in life.

3. The Flu Vaccine Contains Glyphosate – A Toxic Herbicide Ingredient

According to an independent study (means no pharmaceutical/vaccine companies were involved with the funding), multiple samples of many common vaccines were contaminated with glyphosate. Glyphosate is an herbal pesticide found in weed killers and the chemical has been linked to diseases such as autism, IBD and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The WHO acknowledge the chemical as “probably carcinogenic.”

Flu vaccines have time to time shown to have very minimal and limited measurable benefits for children, adults and seniors. Are you willing to accept the risks for a 1.5% benefit?

Source by Tae Young Kim

5 Things That May Cause Autism

Autism is a neural disorder that can affect how a person interacts and communicates socially. It is also characterized by either restricted or repetitive behaviors. It affects the way that information is processed in the brain because it affects the way that the nerve cells and synapses in the brain communicate and process information. Symptoms can begin before a child is before a child reaches the age of 3 years old.

Often, genetics are the cause of this disorder, while the entire range of genetic reasons are not completely understood, it is the result of some rare mutations or combinations of genetic variants. Studies at the, “National Institute of Health” have found that families that may have one Autistic child have a 1 in 20 chance of having another with Autism, while an autistic twin presents a 90% chance that the other twin is Autistic. Now, those are some scary statistics.

Conditions in the brain that affect the levels of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin can cause Autism. These conditions in the cerebral cortex area, affect concentration, mood and movement. Pharmaceuticals are possibly another cause of Autism. Unborn babies who have been exposed to various pharmaceuticals while in the womb have been born Autistic. The use of Thalidomide, a drug used for morning sickness, anxiety and sleeplessness in the 1950’s, on expectant mothers, resulted in a number of Autistic children and birth defects.

While there is currently a difference of opinion, regarding whether or not vaccines and immunizations can lead to Autism; it’s a fact that many of these contain levels of mercury and other neurotoxins that can lead to a number of disorders. Science has long known the neurological effects that mercury has had upon the human body and amalgam fillings, once used widely, are no longer used because amalgam is a form of mercury. Other vaccines contain Botulinum or BoNT/Z; also a neurotoxin that was introduced in the 1930’s and has resulted in Botulism, which can lead to respiratory problems, even death. So, the possibility exists that vaccines and immunizations can lead to Autism, despite the opinions of numerous medical experts and government organizations.

A third reason for Autism is the exposure to chemicals like pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. Many of these are neurotoxins that are sprayed on our plants, trees, crops and are remain in our food supply. There is a definite link between the disease and these neurotoxins.

According to Dr. Mayo at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX; these can interfere with genetics and the nervous system. These chemicals can also affect anyone predisposed to Autism and cause the disorder. Chemicals used to genetically alter foods, can also bring on the disorder, as well as, those in artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and Sweet-10. These sweeteners and others have been linked to Autism among other diseases.

Bacteria like that of Lyme disease and many viruses, like Hepatitis-B and Candida, also lead to Autism. Fetuses have yet to have their immune systems to form and are susceptible to all sorts of bad bacteria and won’t have enough good bacteria to fight the bad. Viral infections can help to weaken the immune systems of babies and young children, leading the onset of Autism.

Lastly, the scariest cause of all is our modern technology. Electricity, microwaves and electro-magnetic waves and ultra-sonic waves have shown a definite link to Autism. These wave lengths are in our homes, offices, emitted by our appliances like televisions, radios, computers, microwaves, stoves, heating systems, iPods and iPads, cell phones and cell towers, satellite dishes, electrical lines outside of the home, power plants, cable boxes and towers and dishes on the tops of our office buildings; all emit wave lengths that can affect a fetus and cause Autism. The very environment in which we all live and work is toxic enough to cause this disease.

A 2007 study published in the “Australasian Journal of Clinical Environmental Medicine”, says that: “…wireless communication and technology may be responsible for accelerating the rise in Autism.” According to this study, these waves keep the body from detoxifying heavy metals in our food, water and air. Other studies show that they also increase our vulnerability to oxidative stress. These electromagnetic radio waves can negatively affect our cell membranes causing harmful heavy metals to build up in our bodies.

Heavy metals are all around us, in our food supply, our water supply, especially our air. Chemtrails and contrails are full of these toxins that we breathe daily. They are in all of our processed foods, shampoos, shower gels, soaps, detergents, etc., and can be absorbed by our bodies in place of minerals and other nutrients and they can, with long term exposure, cause a number of chronic ailments, including being passed to the unborn fetus.

There are ways to fight these toxins; vitamins and other nutrients; consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, especially when conceiving and when pregnant because the anti-oxidants fight free radicals, molecules that are responsible for our tissue aging faster. These free radicals are multiplied by heavy metal toxins in our bodies.

Source by Pancy Singh